Tax Administration of Kosovo Organize Seminar

Published on October 24, 2016 15:14

seminar_srbTax Administration of Kosovo Organize SEMINAR FOR BUDGET ORGANIZATIONS


Withholding tax on wages and pension contributions


PRESS RELEASE – Increased number of tax irregularities reporting by citizens

Published on October 20, 2016 16:12

The Tax Administration of Kosovo, in order to be successful in fighting corruption, tax evasion, and other negative phenomenon, has installed the free of charge hotline  0800 80 800 and the Complaint Box, which the citizens can use for reporting any tax irregularity.

Citizens are continuously cooperating with TAK in order to discover cases of tax evasions, corruption, and misuse of official duty by TAK employees. Only during this year’s nine-month period, via the hotline and the complaint box, 598 information on tax irregularities have been reported, whereby as a result 298 businesses have been fined.

As expected, such cooperation has also led to increase of income, increase in the number of fiscalised businesses, more efficient monitoring of games of chance, etc. (more…)

PRESS RELEASE – Inspection at entities operating with games of chance activates continued

Published on October 18, 2016 15:27

Tax Administration of Kosovo, namely the Division of Games of Chance, acting in accordance with the operational plan and in cooperation with the Kosovo Police and Kosovo Customs has conducted inspection activities at facilities operating in games of chance activities in the municipality of Prishtina.

During this activity, the tax inspectors have encountered some games of chance entities discharging their activities contrary to the Law no. 04/L-080 on Games of Chance.

From the on-site findings TAK concludes that several entities engaged in activities such as sports betting are operating without a license from the Tax Administration of Kosovo, same goes for dog racing activities, considering that this activity is banned by the Law on Games of Chance. (more…)

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