PRESS RELEASE – Seizure on property for not paying debts to TAK

Published on April 3, 2014 3:27 pm

Tax Administration of Kosovo notifies you that in order to collect tax debts, has undertaken a range of activities for seizure on property based on law No.03/L-222 on Tax Administration and Procedures, Article 34 – Levies, paragraph 1, citation:

“If a person who is liable to pay any tax neglects or refuses to pay within ten (10) days after delivery of an assessment notice, it shall be lawful for the Director General or officer authorized in writing by the Director General, to collect such amount (and such further amount as shall be sufficient to cover the expenses of the levy) by seizure on property belonging to such person (whether in the physical possession of the taxpayer or a third person)”.

 According to applicable Laws and applying the procedures TAK has confiscated immovable and movable property such as land, business premises and vehicles that exceeds amount of 500.000 €, in order to repay the remained debts.


Notice to taxpayers – TAK updates businesses lists published in the web-site

Published on 11:03 am

Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds you that based on Article 12 and 23 of the Law No.03/L-222 on Tax Administration and Procedures, as well as Articles 9; 12; 13; 14 and 15 of Administrative Instruction No.15/2010, continuously publishes businesses lists such as:

Notice to taxpayers – TAK will confiscate non-fiscal printers!

Published on April 1, 2014 1:25 pm

Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds all persons dealing with business activities that according to the tax legislation where it is not required to be issued tax receipt and where the payment is not done through bank transfer, they are obliged to get Fiscal Cash Register and issue Fiscal Receipt.

It is an obligation to issue Fiscal Receipt for consummators in the moment of supplying goods or offering services.

TAK also reminds you that issuing false document (non-fiscal receipt through non-fiscal devices) is qualified as a criminal charge according to the Criminal Code of Republic of Kosovo.

Each taxpayer that is equipped with Fiscal Cash Register is obligated to issue Fiscal Receipt, and if he issues non-fiscal receipt through non-fiscal device, such device will be confiscated in accordance with Article 76 of the Law No.03/L-222 on Tax Administration and Procedures and the same will be subject to denunciation and prosecution in competent institutions according to article 78 and 80 of Criminal Code Procedure No.04/L-123.


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