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Published on January 20, 2017 17:46

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Notice to taxpayers – Reporting purchases over 500 €

Published on 09:40

The Tax Administration of Kosovo notifies you that based on the Law No. 03/L-222 on Tax Administration and Procedures, starting from 01 January 2017 until 31 March 2017, persons engaged in trade or business, that are taxable based on real incomes and that make purchases of goods or services from the other taxable person in a total of five hundred euro (500€), or more within each taxable year, should report such purchases at TAK. Purchases done by Government and Municipalities of Kosovo also will be subject to these requests for reporting.

Therefore, persons included, but not limited in them, that are required to submit reports for purchases over 500€, are:

  • All persons included in business that are taxable based on real incomes;
  • Government and Municipalities of Republic of Kosovo;
  • NGOs, Public Institutions and similar Organizations;
  • Universities, Hospitals and similar public and private Institutions, no matter if they are registered for VAT or not, etc.


PRESS RELEASE – Over 1 million envelopes submitted to TAK

Published on January 18, 2017 18:40

The fiscal coupons reimbursement campaign that commenced implementation on April 2015, has continuously attracted citizens’ interest to become a part of it, which is best proved by the statistics throughout the periods of its implementation.

Tax Administration of Kosovo has received over 1 million envelopes, submitted by the citizens, whereas reimbursement so far has amounted to EUR15.5 million. (more…)

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