PRESS RELEASE – 15 applicable agreements for elimination of double taxation

Double Taxation (METD) Agreements on Income and Capital are bilateral agreements between the two countries aimed at preventing double taxation, tax evasion and avoidance. The role of the agreement is also the development of economic relations and enhanced cooperation in tax matters, between Kosovo and other signatory states.

Double taxation occurs when both, the state of residence of the person and the other state where he / she generates income (called the “source state”) are entitled to subject the income generated to tax.

To date, TAK has 15 applicable agreements for the elimination of double taxation and agreements with several other countries are in the process of negotiation.

According to METD, the Ministry of Finance is the competent authority for the implementation of METD, which has delegated this role to the Tax Administration of Kosovo. International Cooperation Unit within TAK, is a unit responsible for the implementation of Agreements on the Elimination of Double Taxation on Income and Capital.

The importance of METD that Kosovo has with other countries is to influence factors that guarantee, favor and stimulate international economic relations and encourage foreign investment. For Kosovo, as a developing country, the existence of METD is an international indicator that is prepared to “embrace international tax rules”. METDs also enable the tax authorities of the two countries to exchange information on tax matters, as well as to assist each other in tax collection in order to prevent tax evasion.

The International Cooperation Unit within TAK, provides individual explanatory decisions and is responsible for issuing Tax Residence Certificates.

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