PRESS RELEASE – Collection Increase of EUR 34.8 Million Compared to Same Period of 2018

The performance of tax collection in TAK maintains a positive trend, where every month revenues are higher compared with the previous year. The commitment of TAK’s senior management in implementing the operational plans and risk management plan drafted for this year is fully in line with the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo’s goals for increasing tax compliance.

In the period January-August 2019, the Tax Administration of Kosovo collected EUR 335.4 million in regular revenues which, compared with the same period of the previous year, marks an increase of EUR 34.8 million or 12%. In addition, over EUR 118.3 million were collected during this period for the Kosovo Pension Savings Fund. Therefore, the total collection amounted to EUR 453.7 million.

During this period, TAK has carried out a number of activities related to reforms within the TAK institution, with particular emphasis on increasing accountability of the operational staff in order to enhance the quality of work and to ensure equal treatment of all taxpayers. In addition, TAK has implemented intensive debt collection activities, as a result of which and other actions revenues have increased and tax debts have decreased when compared with the same period of the previous year.

TAK continues to focus on combating informality in Kosovo, especially in the gray economy, where TAK’s responsibility is established by law.

It is noteworthy that voluntary compliance is at a satisfactory level, partly due to field visits which in addition to aiming compliance are also educational (taxpayers’ education for timely fulfilment of tax obligations to avoid administrative penalties).

TAK will remain committed to implementing and exceeding the projection for 2019.