PRESS RELEASE – 3,812 denouncements from citizens over price increases and other violations

Only yesterday citizens reported, through the hotlines available from 08:00 to 22:00, 378 cases of businesses over allegations of increasing food and pharmaceutical prices and other violations.

Of the 378 cases reported, 202 consisted of allegations of price increases and tax irregularities, while the other 176 calls reported that businesses were operating even after the Kosovo Government decision on closure. From the total calls received yesterday, 3 cases were reported via e-mail.

In the period from March 12, when the decision was taken by the Ministry of Finance and Transfers, to March 17, citizens placed 3,321 calls for tax irregularities and price increases, while the total number of calls/denunciations reached 3,812, including other denunciations.

In response to the reported cases, 1,040 field activities have been conducted by tax inspectors and appropriate legal measures will be taken concerning them, in cooperation with the market inspectorate and the prosecutor. Concerning the actual number of violations, the field visits showed that citizens had reported multiple times for the same businesses.

TAK invites all citizens to report on these two hotlines: 0800 80 800 – which is toll-free and 038 222 165 – which is currently paid. These two hotlines will be open for reporting every day from 08:00 to 22:00.