PRESS RELEASE – 516 cases of price increases have been handled

After receiving about 1,809 calls from citizens telling about businesses increasing their prices, tax inspectors have so far handled 516 reported cases. It should be noted that the reason why there is a discrepancy between the number of reports and the number of cases handled is because cases including the same business have been reported dozens of times through the hotlines.

The field visits have confirmed that a significant number of businesses have increased prices of basic food and pharmaceutical products. Thus, TAK, in cooperation with the competent authorities, including the market inspectorate, prosecutor and the police, will take legal actions based on reports of tax inspectors.

It is worth noting that the denunciations of these cases mainly concerned basic food and pharmaceutical products, such as:

– foodstuffs: flour, oil, sugar;

– pharmaceutical products: protective masks, disinfectants, alcohol, and baby syrup Vitamin C.

Following the decision of the Ministry of Finance and Transfers, the Tax Administration of Kosovo has organized the responsible teams that will manage the situation created by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). TAK also invites all citizens to report to the following two hotlines: 0800 80 800 which is free of charge and 038 222 165 which currently is not free of charge but TAK is communicating with Telecom to enable the removal of the fee until this situation is overcome. These two hotlines will be open daily for reporting from 08:00 to 22:00.