PRESS RELEASE – TAK intensifies its activities for collecting tax debts

The Senior Management of the Tax Administration of Kosovo has decided to intensify its activities for all taxpayers who have outstanding liabilities to TAK.

This step is taken based on legal procedures for enforce collection in cases when taxpayers exceed legal deadlines for the fulfilment of tax obligations.

During January – February 2019, pursuant to Law no. 03/L – 222 on Tax Administration and Procedures, many operational activities have been carried out for the purpose of collecting debts, informing the taxpayers of their obligations. Legal provisions foresee that for each taxpayer who does not comply with legal requirements, measures such as imposing of tax burden, blocking of bank accounts, blocking of import-export, Treasury withholdings, confiscation of assets, criminal charges and other legal actions shall be undertaken.

As a result of enforce collection activities, TAK, for the first two months of 2019, has collected 10.3 million euros in taxes and 898 thousand euros in pension contributions.

The collection of new debts and other outstanding debts, with particular emphasis on the collection of mandatory fines and confiscation of assets for taxpayers who have outstanding debts, remains a priority of TAK.

TAK encourages all taxpayers to timely fulfil their liabilities, which are defined by the provisions of the Tax Legislation, in order for them not to become subject to enforce collection measures.