PRESS RELEASE – TAK has collected 94.6% of total annual revenues

One month before the end of the calendar year, the Tax Administration of Kosovo has managed to exceed the projections set. Certainly, this is a result of the commitment and professional approach of TAK’s management and officials.

Until 30 November 2018, the tax administration has collected 94.6% of total annual revenues or, expressed in figures, EUR 421.8 million.

The comparison between time periods reflects the results that have exceeded our goals. If we compare the period January-November 2018 with the same period last year, we have an EUR 39.9 million or 10.4% increase, whereas, in relation to the plan, we have collected EUR 10.7 million or 2.6% more revenues than foreseen by the plan.

In addition, over EUR 148.3 million have been collected for the Kosovo Pension Savings Trust (KPST) during this period.

TAK is constantly carrying out activities to increase the level of tax compliance, including the transparency of services to taxpayers who will find it much easier to be informed and thus fulfil their obligations voluntarily.