PRESS RELEASE – TAK collected EUR 35.5 million more than in the same period of the previous year

Tax Administration of Kosovo continued to increase the revenue performance level even for the period January-September 2019 as a result of intensification of field activities, specifically debt treatment and fight against the informal economy. For the abovementioned period, TAK managed to collect EUR 35.5 million revenues more than in the same period of the previous year, whereas the total revenues collected amount to EUR 372.3 million. Pension contributions amount to EUR 132.9 million, and total collected taxes and contributions amount to EUR 505.2 million.

TAK projection for this year is EUR 516 million or 16% more than the previous year plan; however, TAK aims for this year will be very clear and within the framework of Compliance Strategy and Strategic Plan. TAK will work in fighting and preventing the informal economy, as the reduction of informality will result in the increase of revenues and market equality. In addition, increase of communication with taxpayers is crucial as this is the only way to understand the obligations they have towards the tax administration. With a similar approach, we would have this in parallel with the consolidation of capacities and completion of legal infrastructure.

TAK mission is to encourage taxpayers for voluntary compliance, transparent and inclusive treatment and provision of professional advices for law implementation. TAK aimed to develop modules to facilitate the declaration by taxpayers.

Improvement of services for taxpayers, the transparency and enhancement of public perception towards TAK have been and are TAK priorities.