PRESS RELEASE – TAK collected € 5.7 million, more than the same period in 2015

Tax Administration of Kosovo, held today regular annual media conference, in which was presented work report for the period January-April 2016, as well as other achievements for this period.

The Minister of Finance, Avdullah Hoti, in the conference stated that he is satisfied with the work being done by the Tax Administration of Kosovo, and as a result we have a positive revenue trend for these four months period. Minister Hoti stated: “I am pleased to announce that revenues have a positive trend. During these 4 months we have had a growth by € 5.7 million more compared to the same period of last year, respectively in 2015. We are continuing to improve the business environment, as activities carried out by TAK are related with the conditions of doing business.

We expect positive assessment by the World Bank’s annual report regarding the conditions of doing business in Kosovo. We are finalizing a reform in this regard, namely for the unique business number that integrates 3 different numbers (fiscal number, business registration number and customs number) into a single number based on a Memorandum between the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Public Administration. I believe that soon, activities related to this reform will facilitate the operation of business in the market”.
While, the Director General of Tax Administration of Kosovo, Sakip Imeri, during the presentation of the four months work report stated: “Like any other previous year, the Tax Administration of Kosovo has continued this year with the same commitment to create tax reliefs, voluntary fulfilment of tax obligations, and generation of revenues. All these activities are based on detailed action plans, starting from addressing of non-declarers, under-declares, stock registration, handling of non-originating goods for sectors and industries with high probability of risk for the expected revenues”.

Among other things, Mr. Imeri stated: “These plans are multi-dimensional and in accordance with best international practices, based on experience and circumstances in Kosovo. In these aspects, from the initial phase to implementation, it can be noted that their main care and focus is provision of relief for the taxpayers, as well as reliefs for better functioning of TAK, in order to have objective and professional approach while addressing the taxpayers inquiries and performing tax administration functions, with the purpose of accomplishment of the mission to collect planned revenues. So far, for the period January-April 2016, we have realized € 132,074,390.78 or € 5.7 million, more than the same period in 2015”.

During this conference, several other achievements were mentioned, which will create easier infrastructure during the realization of tax obligations and increase of transparency towards taxpayers: e-Filing Platform (EDI) has been advanced with more service provision opportunities, through which can be carried out Declaration and payment of Tax on salary and pension contributions; Declaration and payment of only salary tax, declaration and payment of only Pension contribution; Declaration with zero; and Declaration zero wage. In order to promote the fiscal process, reimbursement of citizens from the collection of tax receipts is carried out in cooperation with the Postal and Telecommunication of Kosovo. TAK officials are active part of Coordination Group in the process of unification of TAK and Kosovo Customs into a sole revenue agency, implementation of the Compliance Strategy 2015-2020, using of resources in the most effective way to ensure the observance of laws by the taxpayers, with a new organization and a new Organizational Structure.