PRESS RELEASE – TAK with additional activities during the summer season

The Tax Administration of Kosovo is continuing the implementation of the seasonal operational plan, which is developed within and out of working hours, with the aim of better monitoring recreational-entertainment activities, including organizations at hotels and restaurants, concerts, weddings, as well as similar activities, which are more prominent during this season. These activities are undertaken in order to provide different evidence regarding the revenues generated by this sector. Based on the evidence created during these activities as well as other facts provided, TAK assesses the liabilities of this sector.

So far, through the activities carried out on the field, different locations of the abovementioned activities have been inspected, in different cities of Kosovo, where irregularities have been found or there has been non-compliance with the requirements deriving from the Tax Legislation. The Final Report on the implementation of the seasonal plan will be published during September 2019.

TAK Management will dedicatedly continue to apply all legal provisions so that each taxpayer correctly declares the part that belongs to them by law!