PRESS RELEASE – TAK comes up with a plan to consolidate the mandatory collection sector

TAK’s Director-General, Ilir Murtezaj, has met with the staff of the Department of Mandatory Collection with a view to discussing mandatory collection reform in terms of increasing efficiency in handling debt.

Since taking office as Director-General, Mr Murtezaj has prioritized debt handling, given that the latter has represented a challenge since the establishment of the Tax Administration.

Throughout the discussions, Director Murtezaj requested the staff of the Department of Mandatory Collection for maximum commitment in handling and collecting debts, by undertaking all procedures of mandatory collection, up to the confiscation of assets and filing of criminal charges for all taxpayers who fail to comply with tax obligations arising from the Tax Legislation.

We shall recall that in the recent period, numerous debt collection activities have been undertaken, with particular emphasis on the confiscation of assets, which for the first time has resulted in a reduction in debt stock.

The Director-General received commitments from the MC staff that such activities will continue strongly during the upcoming days, and at the same time provided maximum support to the staff in achieving the planned objectives.