PRESS RELEASE – TAK takes measures against violators of the Law on Games of Chances

Based on the information received by the citizens, the Division of Gambling in TAK on 27 of May 2016 in Cooperation with Excise Division in Kosovo Customs has checked several gambling entities in order to ensure that they are acting in accordance with the Law No. 04/L-080, namely Article 60, 70, point 2.7 and 2.8 and the gambling forbidden by this law.

This activity resulted with the closing of five (5) gambling entities in the city of Prishtina..

During the operation, the following legal violations were found:

a.Conducting activities in violation of the Law No. 04/L-080, specifically Article 70, paragraph 2.7 and 2.8;
b.Conducting activities without a license, foreseen under Article 25 of the Law No. 04/L-080;
c.Conducting activities by unlicensed slot machines (contraband);

During this operation, Kosovo Customs – Excise Division has sequestered 4 slot machines of the following types: 2 Kajot, 1 Merkur and 1 Apex, which did not have the serial number, and therefore are considered as contraband items.
Gambling Division in TAK shall continue conducting such actions at any time, based on the authorization given to it under the Law no. 04/L-080 on Games of Chance.