ATK prezanton arritjet dhe ndikimin e pandemisë në aktivitetet e saj

PRESS RELEASE – TAK presents the achievements and the impact of the pandemic on its activities

Through a press conference, the General Director of TAK, Ilir Murtezaj, presented today the achievements and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its activities, as well as other developments for the period of the first half of 2020. In addition, the activities of TAK were presented in this conference, which included the implementation of measures of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for prevention of the pandemic.

During his speech before the media, Director Murtezaj said that for this reporting period, until the declaration of the pandemic, TAK has worked according to the objectives and planning foreseen, both in the realization of revenues, as well as in the continuation of creating facilities for taxpayers and at the same time in reforming and modernizing other work processes, such as the consolidation of debt collection.

Realization of tax revenues until 30 June 2020 reaches the value of 215.9 million euros, it is worth noting that the collection of revenues from the beginning of this year until 18 March 2020 has been in accordance with the foreseen planning, but after this date there was a downward trend in revenues, taking into account the effects of COVID-19, as well as decisions to defer payment of tax liabilities and pension contributions. However, if we refer to the collection from January to 18 March 2020 they saw an increase of 11.2%, and for the same period we have exceeded the plan by 3.62%.

The return to normalcy of tax declaration and payment has been reflected in May and June, there is a significant increase in revenues compared to the same period last year, as well as compared to the previous month. The difference in collection growth is observed in June, in which 29.8 million euros were collected, 5.7% or 1.6 million euros more than the foreseen plan.

Also, during the presentation of this report, Director Murtezaj said that for TAK, as well as for many other institutions and for all citizens of our country, the first part of this year was a period with many challenges, both in the field of health, as well as in the field of economics. As a result of these circumstances, from 12 March onwards, TAK has supported the Government of the Republic of Kosovo in implementing many measures aimed at preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Initially, the actions of TAK inspectors prevented the possibility of misusing the situation with price increases during the period March, April and May 2020, where TAK received 11,452 calls/pieces of information from citizens through toll-free phone lines.

Another measure was the creation of a platform to provide employees with certificates, with which they were allowed to move during limited hours of movement, in this regard, through the online system, TAK has issued 335,805 certificates. The support has continued by developing the electronic platform for applications from businesses to benefit from the Fiscal Emergency Package – for which the number of applicants was 46,185.  The platform in question was developed within 5 days with the resources of the IT Department-TAK, without spending even a single euro. Also, in order for taxpayers to fulfil tax obligations easier, TAK has added a new service in the EDI electronic system, which relates to the application for an agreement on the payment of tax obligations with instalments. Through this application, taxpayers can seek to reach an agreement on the payment of outstanding tax debt. As of June 30 this year the number of online applications to enter into the agreement is 336.

At the end of this conference, the director of TAK, thank the media for the tireless work they do continuously, as well as the professionalism and cooperation they have with TAK. He also wishes for this situation to be overcome as soon as possible and that the country returns to normalcy in all aspects.


ATK prezanton arritjet dhe ndikimin e pandemisë në aktivitetet e saj