PRESS RELEASE – TAK continues on increasing the revenue trend, exceeding the plan of 4.4m euros of the month of July

The performance in the collection of revenues in the Tax Administration of Kosovo is continuing to increase, which is therefore exceeding the planned objectives. If we refer to the realization of revenues for the period January-July 2019, TAK has collected 297 million Euros, 10.9% or 29.1 million Euros more compared to the same period last year; whereas, only for the month of July, the foreseen plans have been exceeded for 4.4m euros.

This trend is a result of the development of a variety of activities, in terms of voluntary compliance, combating and preventing the informal economy, managing of debts, and other actions that are a priority of TAK. In addition, reforms within the institution of TAK are also part of the outcome, with a particular emphasis on increasing accountability on the part of the operational staff in terms of enhancing the quality of work, and equal treatment of all taxpayers.

These activities will continue even more vigorously the rest of the year, with the aim of meeting the obligations of taxpayers who have outstanding debts to the TAK.