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PRESS RELEASE – TAK delegation visits the Bavarian State Parliament in Germany

During the visit organized by the German Development Cooperation on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the TAK delegation visited the Bavarian Parliament and held a meeting with Mr. Wolfgang Fackler, deputy of CSU and Chairperson of the Committee on Public Service Affairs.

Mr. Fackler has expressed his interest in political and economic developments in Kosovo, with particular emphasis on developments in the economic and financial area, given that Mr. Fackler before starting his political career served in the Ministry of Finance, namely in the Bavarian Tax Administration. Mr. Fackler has promised that he will be engaged in order for the State of Bavaria to continue to support the institutions of Kosovo and he also promised to visit Kosovo in the near future.

TAK Delegation is staying in Bavaria for a visit in the framework of cooperation with the Bavarian Tax Administration, which is made possible by the GIZ office in Kosovo, respectively the Project for Good Financial Governance. The purpose of the visit is to obtain good practices in the field of risk management and the possibility to implement them in Kosovo.