Diskutohet struktura e re organizative e ATK-së

PRESS RELEASE – TAK’s new organizational structure has been discussed

The General Director of TAK, Mr. Ilir Murtezaj, after several meetings with experts from the International Monetary Fund, today during the joint meeting with the Senior Management, discussed the new organizational structure of the Tax Administration.

The new organizational structure is being prepared due to the necessity for better functioning and achieving TAK’s strategic objectives. With regard to the review of the organizational structure, the IMF has given its recommendations within the December report 2017 “Improvements within the Tax Administration: Immediate steps”, whereby has recommended the performance of an analysis of TAK’s organizational structure in order to identify the reasons of the current structure’s lack of efficiency so that changes reflect the increase of efficiency and effectiveness, and ensure a more rational use of available resources.

The IMF’s mission, which has supported TAK in many projects, has also supported this process, stating that the restructuration of the organizational structure will directly affect the increase of TAK’s performance, and will provide institutional stability toward legal obligations.

TAK is committed in providing professional and qualitative services to taxpayers, so that they can perform their obligations in due time.