PRESS RELEASE – Director Hysenaj hosted the Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency

Deputy General Director of TAK Ekrem Hysenaj with his associates hosted today the Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency Avni Ahmeti and his associates, with whom they discussed topics related to the activities of the two institutions.

The purpose of this meeting was to provide and exchange electronic data of the cadastral system for the Tax Administration of Kosovo, which would enable active access, as well as eliminate bureaucratic procedures or physical exchange of data.

During the meeting, Deputy Director Hysenaj raised three issues that should be unified jointly with the KCA, the one related to the taxpayers’ real estate data, the unification of the taxpayers’ directory, as well as the abolition of the administrative fee for TAK in cases of imposing a tax burden on taxpayers in the cadastral offices.

On the other hand, Mr Ahmeti stated that we are interested in raising the cooperation of the two institutions to another level, as there are many points which TAK and KCA must have intensified communication channels, for which KCA now has a modern digital platform, which will enable different alternatives in the line of communication and cooperation.

At the end of this meeting, both sides agreed to sign a memorandum of cooperation in the coming days, which will be an important step in concretizing the points, which were raised during today’s meeting.


Njomza Alaj