PRESS RELEASE – Director of TAK hosted in a meeting the Director of PAK

The Director-General of the Kosovo Tax Administration, Ilir Murtezaj, hosted today in a meeting the Managing Director of the Privatization Agency of Kosovo, Valon Tolaj, together with his associates.

In this meeting, it was discussed about the cooperation so far and the deepening of cooperation between TAK and PAK in order to increase the efficiency during the work processes.

The heads of the two institutions highly appreciated the cooperation so far in view of the implementation of the cooperation agreement, the development of adequate legal procedures, handling requests for release and transfer of the tax burden of socially-owned enterprises (SOEs) from the register of cadastral property to the Trust Fund account, the provision of data on the sale of assets of socially-owned enterprises (SOEs), as well as the repayment of tax debts of enterprises under the PAK’s authority.

Both sides agreed to engage in maintaining and enhancing cooperation between these two institutions, in view of the transparency and effectiveness of services, the equal and uniform implementation of the law, as well as the commitment to better conditions for tax compliance activity.