PRESS RELEASE – Director Murtezaj and Director Qalaj uncompromising in fighting informal economy

The Director-General of TAK, Ilir Murtezaj, with associates, was received in a meeting by the Director-General of Kosovo Police, Rashit Qalaj, with whom they discussed the cooperation so far, with special emphasis on intensifying cooperation in the future.

Director Murtezaj initially thanked Director Qalaj for the support provided to TAK at any time when cooperation with the police was needed.  He further emphasized that many TAK activities are almost impossible without the assistance of the Kosovo Police, so in order to continue even more strongly in fighting and preventing negative occurrences, police support is indispensable.

On the other hand, Director Qalaj offered full support to TAK, to be uncompromising in preventing and combating all phenomena related to informal economy.

TAK is committed to preventing and combating tax evasion, as well as any other tax-related offences!