PRESS RELEASE – Director Murtezaj presents TAK activities for the first quarter of 2019

Director-General of Tax Administration of Kosovo, Ilir Murtezaj, held a press conference where he disclosed the activities that took place during January-June 2019.

During this conference, Director Murtezaj said that the first quarter of this year for the Tax Administration of Kosovo was a period of numerous challenges and activities aimed to achieve the goals planned.  He also added that a number of activities in terms of reforms within the institution of TAK were undertaken during this time, with a particular emphasis on increasing accountability of the operational staff in order to increase work quality, as well as equal treatment of all taxpayers.  Among others, he emphasised that intensive debt collection activities have been undertaken, which resulted in an increase in revenues compared to the same period in the previous year.

TAK’s Director announced that for this six-month period, among others, 155 activities of assets confiscation have been carried out and as a result have been collected over EUR 2.7 million. Such activities have been carried out for the first time in TAK’s history.  These activities will continue even more strongly for the rest of the year in order for taxpayers who have outstanding debts to TAK to fulfil their obligations.  During this conference were also disclosed the revenues, which amounted to EUR 239.5 million. There were collected EUR 19.5 million or 8.9% more compared to 2018.

In addition to the above-mentioned developments, a particular focus at this conference was put on the Plan on Improvement of Compliance in Construction Sector 2019-2021, through which TAK will carry out comprehensive activities in the construction sector for the purpose of avoiding tax evasion. The purpose of this plan is to identify all transactions related to this sector to verify eventual tax evasion by individuals or businesses.

The Minister of Finance, Bedri Hamza, was also present at this conference, who congratulated Director Murtezaj for the work done so far, with particular emphasis on the results achieved in the collection of revenues and the treatment of debts, where for the first time there is a downward trend of debts as a result of intensifying activities that have reflected on the increase of revenues.  He also said that the Ministry of Finance in these two years has undertaken a large number of fiscal reforms in order to assist the development of the private sector as a carrier of economic development.

In the end, the Director showed his gratitude to taxpayers for fulfilling their tax obligations, adding that TAK’s priority is to always provide taxpayers with services so that they are more loyal to the fulfilment of tax obligations.

He also showed his gratitude to the media for enabling the public to be promptly informed about all developments in the Tax Administration.