PRESS RELEASE – TAK Presents Taxpayers’ Survey 2019

The Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) presented today through a virtual conference the results of the Kosovo taxpayers’ survey for 2019 on work and services provided by the TAK.

The video conference was attended by the Minister of Finance and Transfers, Besnik Bislimi and the Ambassador of the German Embassy in Kosovo, Christian Heldt.

At the opening of this conference, the Director of TAK Ilir Murtezaj said that this survey aimed to identify areas for improvement, so that based on its findings the TAK would orient its activities to ensure that taxpayers exercise their legal rights, emphasizing that the violation of their rights will not be permitted in any form. In addition, we believe that you, honorable taxpayers, will continuously support TAK by giving your contribution to ensure that the treatment by the Tax Administration of Kosovo is fair and legal and that everyone is paying their rightful share.

Furthermore, Director Murtezaj added that TAK will do its job based on values ​of professionalism, integrity and honesty, efficiency, excellence of services and transparency. We believe that these values ​​guide us in the way we treat taxpayers and the various partners we work with. By respecting these values ​​we will ensure a transparent and efficient administration.

On the other hand, the Ambassador of the German Embassy in Kosovo, Christian Heldt, said that especially in times of crisis and hardship, strengthening public confidence in public institutions and increasing solidarity for the most sensitive members of society are key to overcoming existing challenges. Therefore, efficient and transparent collection as well as the management of public funds are certainly more important at this time. The taxpayers’ survey presented today is a major contribution in that it aims to further improve the orientation of the TAK services to taxpayers – an extremely important step in strengthening the mobilization of local revenues in Kosovo. I am proud to say that the German Government has supported TAK in the implementation of this very important survey through the Good Financial Governance project implemented by GIZ and we look forward to continuing cooperation in the future.

The Minister of Finance and Transfers, Besnik Bislimi, speaking about the survey results, stated that the Tax Administration of Kosovo is continuously working to provide as many facilities as possible to taxpayers in fulfilling tax obligations. Minister Bislimi said that the TAK has made great progress in building an infrastructure which facilitates and helps taxpayers, at the same time sharing information related to them. He also stressed that together we will work to increase taxpayers’ trust in the TAK.

The results of this survey largely present the level of improvement of the TAK’s work in many areas. According to the survey, taxpayers appreciated most the regular information of taxpayers, easy access to data, timely provision of services for fulfiment of obligations towards the TAK, the professional development of TAK inspectors, and improvement of the integrity of the TAK.

The survey with Kosovo taxpayers was conducted in 2015, 2017, and now in 2019 thanks to the close partnership of the TAK with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (German Agency for International Cooperation) which implements the project on behalf of the German Government.