PRESS RELEASE – The results of the project ” Behavioral approach to increasing tax compliance” are presented

World Bank Experts have presented the results of the project “Behavioral approach to increasing tax compliance”, a completely new and unique project not only in Kosovo but also in the region.

The results of the project suggest that the institutionalization of the behavioral approach to tax collection enables Kosovo to create (develop) interventions that can be effective, with lower cost and fewer demand for human and administrative resource.

The “Behavioral Approach to Increasing Tax Compliance” project, carried out during 2018 in cooperation between World Bank and GIZ – German Government, provides a perspective that shows how decision-making can be influenced by a combination of personal, environmental and social factors. The purpose of this experiment with two sets of taxpayers, Personal Income Tax and Value Added Tax was to increase tax compliance.

Also, the Tax Administration remains grateful for the continued support to TAK and the implementation of this activity – an experiment with great interest for TAK’s future reforms, set also in the reform plan for the period 2019-2021.

TAK is constantly conducting activities to increase the level of tax compliance, including the transparency of services to taxpayers who will get informed more easily and carry out obligations voluntarily.