PRESS RELEASE – A joint workshop between TAK and Albania’s Tax Directorate

A joint workshop was held between the Tax Administration of Kosovo and the General Tax Directorate of Albania on Transfer Pricing.

The purpose of the workshop was to exchange experiences in the field of transfer pricing, legal grounds and on the preparation of necessary documentation for Transfer Pricing.

This workshop was organized by the Price Waterhouse Coopers – branch in Kosovo and Albania, whereby local and international experts of this field presented specific topics and challenges related to this field. Additionally, the experiences of tax authorities in the region were also presented, which were useful in further clarifying the transfer pricing.

Some of the main topics addressed during the workshop were: transfer pricing documentation, functional analysis, transfer pricing methods, choosing a test party, and comparability analysis.

The necessity of organizing a such workshop and developing the legal grounds in this field have emerged due to multi-national companies’ increased role in the world trade, an increase which is considered to have been significant in this last 25 years. The legal grounds for transfer pricing in Kosovo is deemed that it fulfils the requirements set out in the European Union (EU) Code of Conduct. Furthermore, a significant part of practices from the OECD BEPS reports have also been included.

The Tax Administration of Kosovo and the General Tax Directorate of Albania cooperate closely in different tax fields.

For additional information on transfer pricing in TAK, please see the link