Notice from the Tax Administration of Kosovo – Register your business activity and declare your employees!

Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds all persons who conduct business activities, that under the tax legislation they are obliged to register, get equipped with the Unique Identification Number/Fiscal Number, declare and pay taxes (pursuant to their status) and keep Withholding Tax and Pension Contributions for their employees. TAK also reminds all persons that development of business activities is in compliance with the NACE Rev. 2 Business Code of Conduct and that the respective tax accounts are opened.

Some of the taxpayers with the following activities do not enforce this obligation; therefore TAK urges them to register or update their data as soon as possible and to meet all the tax obligations foreseen by the tax legislation.

TAK also notifies that its activities will focus specifically to these activities and therefore encourages you to respond to your tax obligations, so that you don’t become subject to the penalties as provided by the Law.

Register your business activity and declare your employees

By fulfilling your tax obligations, you directly contribute to the provision of public services, high standard education, better health and social services, legal protection and security, and general infrastructure for a sustainable economic and social welfare.


Register, declare and pay taxes!

                                                                                                                         Tax Administration of Kosovo