Notification for Financial Institutions

Honorable financial institutions,

It is now the fourth year that reporting is required according to the Law no. 05 /L-013, which has ratified the FATCA Agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of Kosovo in order to reduce tax evasion by USA citizens in respect of their financial assets outside USA.

Based on this agreement, not all financial institutions are obliged to report for this purpose to TAK, however, this depends on your activities and accounts and if you have clients who are the US persons or residents.

To learn in more details about FATCA agreement, please click on the link:

TAK reminds you that all financial institutions that have this reporting obligation should do so within the deadlines that is set forth in this agreement, so for the year 2017 the deadline is 30 September 2018. Please report as soon as possible in order to avoid eventual errors.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Tax Administration of Kosovo