Notice to taxpayers – The Employee Certificate can now be downloaded through the EDI Electronic System

Based on the Decision dated 13.11.2020 of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for the prevention, fight and elimination of the contagious disease COVID-19, the Tax Administration of Kosovo notifies that all businesses, (employees of which are required to have a circulation permit only to perform work duties), according to the codes allowed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, can now download the “Employee Certificate” through the EDI Electronic System.

Downloading the “Employee Certificate” through the EDI Electronic System will be enabled only to business organizations that are registered in the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA) and have the code of primary or secondary activity allowed by MTI.

The document “Employee Certificate” can be downloaded through the EDI Electronic System, in the menu “Services“, sub-menu “Employee Certificate“. This document must be downloaded for each employee who is required to circulate to perform the work duties.

You can then stamp and sign the downloaded document and as such, together with the employee’s official identity document and employee’s ID (identification card) (if any), will serve as a permit to circulate only in the context of performing work duties. So this document cannot be used for any another reason.

Furthermore, TAK has published on its official website the list of codes which are allowed by MTI: link