Notice to Taxpayers – Keep the documentation according to the Law!

The Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds all economic operators that they are obliged to keep ledgers and records in accordance with the tax legislation.

Economic operators who create and keep incorrect documentation, such as: non-destined sale-natural persons, purchases by natural persons, failure to document and fictitious documentation, non-originating goods, swelling of expenses, issuance of fiscal coupons by distributors , undermining of import prices, non-issuance of fiscal coupons, stockholding and their accuracy, other unrealistic documentation, crediting and continuous loss will be in the focus of TAK, until the objectives for creation of an affordable climate for all businesses are met.

TAK considers that the number of taxpayers who create and keep incorrect documentation is considerable, which causes negative effects on business activities, creates uncompetitive and unfair business climate and at the same time creates losses for the Kosovo budget.

In identifying such cases, TAK, pursuant to its powers, is authorised to take necessary actions to verify taxpayers’ ledgers and records and fair determination of tax liabilities.

Only taxpayers who voluntarily keep and present their ledgers and records in accordance with tax legislation will not be subject to punishment by TAK.

We invite taxpayers who have not voluntarily fulfilled their obligation – keeping and presenting ledgers and records, to voluntarily make the necessary corrections to reflect the real situation on their business, because by doing so the Law on Tax Administration and Procedures will provide you facilities for additional taxation/not declared in timely manner.

Our only goal is to enhance the voluntary compliance with tax obligations, so we encourage you to fulfil your tax obligations in order not to be subject to punishment.

TAK, in cooperation with the IMF, in implementation of the project “Compliance in the Construction Sector”!

Tax Administration of Kosovo

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