NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS – On 01 February commences the electronic declaration of the Purchase and Sale Books

Tax Administration of Kosovo, would like to inform you that as of 01st of February 2017 will commence with the electronic declaration of Purchase and Sale Books.

All taxpayer who are Value Added Tax declarers are obligated to declare the Purchase and Sale Book.

The Purchase and Sale Book have to be declared on monthly basis from the 1st until 20th of the following month, namely the books will be declared in the same period when submitting the VAT Declaration.

With regard to data that must be filled in the Purchase and Sale Book, and the Guideline for filling them out, please refer to the sample published in TAK’s website under the Electronic Services link – Purchase Book and Sales Book

Regarding the time and manner of declaration of the Purchase Book and Sales Book via the Electronic System EDI, you will be notified in due time


Tax Administration of Kosovo