Notice to taxpayers – Reminder for tax declaration and payment!

The Kosovo Tax Administration reminds to all non-business natural persons, business natural persons and legal persons that they are obliged to declare and pay taxes and Pension Contributions in real and timely manner, as defined by the tax legislation.

In order to implement Decision no. 01/07 and 01/09 of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as the decision of the Minister of Finance and Transfers dated 29.04.2020, for taking additional measures after confirmation of positive cases with Corona Virus – COVID-19, the Tax Administration of Kosovo informs regarding the extension of the deadline for the declaration and payment of tax liabilities and pension contributions for the quarter, i.e. Q1/2020 with the tax forms, IS, IL, QS and QL, to 30 June 2020.

So far, not all businesses obliged to declare and pay these tax liabilities have done so, therefore, TAK calls for declaration and payment, as soon as possible, in order to fulfil all tax liabilities provided by tax legislation.

We also inform you that we have already entered the deadline for the declaration by businesses concerned for the period Q2/2020, where the fulfilment of the tax liability must be done by July 15, 2020.

By performing tax obligations, you contribute directly to the financing of government programmes such as: providing public services, high standards education, health and social welfare, legal protection and safety, and general infrastructure for a better economic and social well-being.

Paying taxes ensures economic stability in the country!


Tax Administration of Kosovo

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