PRESS RELEASE – Investigations against TAK officials are suspended

Tax Administration of Kosovo on 13.09.2017 received from the Basic Prosecution Office in Prishtina – Serious Crimes Department, the Notice No. PP.I. Nr. 799/2015 dated 30.08.2017, which informs TAK that after the completion of the investigation there was no grounded suspicion regarding the misuse of official position by three TAK officials, and as a result of this, the Prosecution by the Decision no. PP.I. Nr. 799/2015 dated 30.08.2017 has suspended investigations against TAK officials.

ATK announces that the case is related to criminal charges filed by the Kosovo Police. This is not the only case for which the State Prosecution has suspended investigation against TAK officials as a result of criminal charges filed by the Kosovo Police, therefore TAK publicly announces that the actions taken by TAK officials related to this, but also to previous cases of officials investigated made public in the media, were in full compliance with the law.