PRESS RELEASE – Results of TAK’s cooperation with citizens

Cooperation between the citizens and the Tax Administration of Kosovo continues to increase, reporting tax irregularities, fiscal evasion, corruption cases, and other negative phenomena related to the tax system in Kosovo.

TAK, in order to be more successful in the fight against these phenomena, has a toll-free telephone number available 0800 80 800, as well as remark boxes placed in all TAK Regional Offices, whereby citizens may report any tax irregularities.

TAK, as a result of the reports received by the citizens, has undertaken activities this week at passenger transporting lines operating from Prishtina to other cities in Kosovo. The activities in question have been conducted in order to verify if these lines are fiscalized and to ascertain whether fiscal electronic devices are being used.

In 2019, TAK received 700 cases through the toll-free telephone number 0800 80 800 and the remark boxes, which were mainly reports of failure to issue a fiscal receipt, fiscal evasion, and misbehaviour of TAK officials.

All reported cases were delegated to the respective regions, for which 483 field activities were carried out, whereby 370 fines in the amount of EUR 202,167 were issued.

Citizens are continuously reflecting trust towards TAK, cooperating in order to identify cases which create fiscal evasion, corruption and abuse of office by TAK officers.

Tax Administration of Kosovo is open for cooperation with citizens and other law enforcement institutions. To this end, we invite citizens to report all information on corruption and fiscal evasion related to TAK in the toll-free telephone line 0800-80-800 (information source will always be confidential).

We also thank all citizens for ongoing cooperation and support!