PRESS RELEASE – TAK continues to have good revenue performance

The Tax Administration of Kosovo continues to make progress in revenue collection for the period January-October 2019, collecting EUR 432.3 million in taxes. Compared to the same period last year, there has been recorded an increase of 10.4% or EUR 40.6 million.

This performance is a result of the increased voluntary compliance, provision of professional and transparent services to taxpayers, increased communication with taxpayers and intensification of other field activities. In this regard, an important role also plays the tax legislation, whereby constant efforts of creating a good legal infrastructure are made.

TAK’s management will continue its commitment to comply with all legal provisions so that each taxpayer correctly declares as foreseen by the law.

By fulfilling tax liabilities, you contribute directly to the financing of government programmes such as: providing public services, high standard education, health and social welfare, legal protection and safety, and general infrastructure for a better economic and social welfare!