PRESS RELEASE – TAK has drawn potential winning numbers for Q3 2019

Tax Administration of Kosovo has drawn the potential winning numbers for reimbursement of citizens as regards the collecting of fiscal vouchers for Q3 2019.

Drawing of potential winning numbers was broadcasted live on RTK, where three potential winning numbers were drawn, as specified in Public Explanatory Decision No.02/2017 – Incentives and motivations for taking fiscal vouchers. The number of potential citizens who have won for this period is 1,505.

Winning Potential Number 55 87 15
Winners 159 1 1,345
Total winners 1,505

Citizens who have the potential winning number selected from the draw must submit the envelope, with fiscal vouchers along with application data physically sealed, to one of the TAK Regional Directorates, within five (5) working days after publication of the list on TAK website. Envelopes must be submitted from 11 November until 15 November 2019 from 08:00 to 16:00.

Disclaimer: In order to reimburse the means to the bank accounts, all citizens who have been declared as winners are required to verify their bank accounts and to make sure that those accounts are functional and can be credited by TAK, otherwise TAK shall take no responsibility if the bank account is not functional or cannot be credited due to internal banking policies.

The list of winners is available on the following link:

You can check the state of the envelope on the following link: