PRESS RELEASE – TAK in action for the confiscation of assets of debt-owing taxpayers

The Tax Administration of Kosovo took an action yesterday for confiscating the assets of taxpayers who did not meet the legal requirements of TAK, in the payment of debts in due time, and did not respond to TAK warnings that compulsory tax collection will be undertaken through the confiscation of assets.

The confiscation procedure, in cooperation with the Kosovo Police, was conducted against eight (8) taxpayers according to the preliminary plan, while the value of the confiscated goods and assets is 183,778.39 Euros.

As a result of the many intensive activities that the tax administration is undertaking, we have a positive trend of debt reduction, which has reflected in the increase in revenues.

Since the beginning of this year, until now, TAK has collected a total of 83.6 million euros of debt, where, compared to last year, we have reduced debt by 21 million Euros. TAK will continue collecting all unpaid debts, providing taxpayers with the opportunity to enter into debt settlement agreements according to legal procedures. At the same time, TAK will apply the mandatory collection for collection of these debts against all debt-owing taxpayers who neglect the payment of their debts, which means confiscation of assets, and other binding forms provided by law.

In addition to confiscation of assets, the action in question will also extend to the collection of all mandatory fines, which are unpaid.

Similar actions will continue in the coming days, so we encourage all debt-owing taxpayers to pay their tax obligations on time so as not to become subject to penalties and mandatory collection procedures.

Our focus remains on increasing the level of voluntary compliance of taxpayers, according to the Kosovo Tax Legislation, as well as treatment of tax debts.