PRESS RELEASE – TAK presents the results of 2019

In a press conference held today, TAK General Manager Ilir Murtezaj announced the results of work for 2019.

Numerous statistics of the activities carried out in 2019 were presented before the media, which have produced positive results in achieving the foreseen objectives. During this conference, Director Murtezaj said that 2019 will be remembered for the realization of over half a billion euros (504,503,833) of revenues, as well as for reducing the debt stock by 21.8 million euros, while collecting 33.4 million euros of debts more than in 2018, or 44.7% more, if expressed in percentage.

Revenue realization and tax debt reduction have not been the sole goals of the tax administration because a special focus in 2019 was given to combating and preventing the informal economy. Besides many activities that have been carried out for this area, last year TAK drafted the Plan on Improving Compliance in the Construction Sector 2019-2021, whereby TAK will carry out intensive activities with the aim of identifying persons who do not fulfil their obligations under tax legislation. This plan is part of the Mid-Term Reform Plan 2019-2021 which includes other reforms as well, such as consolidating mandatory collection, automating work processes, VAT refunds, tax audit, and modernizing the information technology.

The conference was attended by Deputy Minister of Finance Fatmir Gashi, who stated that “The Tax Administration of Kosovo, with the work and commitment shown, makes us proud, having in mind that the forecasts for 2019 have been exceeded“. Deputy Minister Gashi further said that reducing the level of debt to such a large extent also reduces the informal economy in the country. Deputy Minister Gashi also emphasized that the Ministry of Finance will be the strongest supporter to TAK in achieving its mission.

While concluding this conference, the TAK Director thanked the media for their continued cooperation in promoting TAK’s activities and at the same time urged all taxpayers to fulfil their tax obligations in a timely manner, as stipulated by law!