PRESS RELEASE – TAK takes strong action against businesses that do not pay their tax liabilities correctly

The Tax Administration of Kosovo – namely the Department of Operations, has taken strong operational action against all non-compliant taxpayers, who, despite the development of their activities, have failed to pay their tax liabilities.

The identification of these businesses has been done by risk analysis, based on the Risk Treatment Plan. 200 cases, which have not paid taxes in relation to the declared turnover, are currently being treated.

Such taxpayers and all others who do not pay taxes correctly will be under continuous monitoring and, if their approach does not change – i.e. continue with non-compliance, TAK will assess the situation to ascertain tax evasion and at the same time it will file criminal charges, depending on the findings and violations ascertained.

These activities are being undertaken in the course of many other activities, with the aim of reducing tax avoidance and creating a competitive market for all taxpayers.

TAK’s priority remains the equal treatment of all taxpayers, as well as the improved accountability by TAK staff towards improving the quality of work.

TAK encourages taxpayers to fulfil their tax liabilities, otherwise, the penalties provided by tax legislation will be taken!