PRESS RELEASE – Tax Administration of Kosovo marks a successfully start in 2020

67.1m euros revenues collected during January 2020 alone

The Tax Administration of Kosovo successfully started 2020, where only during January it collected revenues in an amount of EUR 67.1m, which marks an increase by 14% or 8.2 million euros compared to the same period last year. In addition to tax revenues, TAK has also collected EUR 17.7m of Pension Contributions.

This year Tax Administration of Kosovo has set numerous priorities, implementation of which will contribute to the improvement of business processes, as well to the achievement of annual revenue projections, but also to the  reduction of debt stock. To this end, all actions have been taken to consolidate the mandatory collection. In order to increase the debt collection results, the Debt Collection Department has been reorganized into a single centre in Prishtina with four divisions to become operational, where each division will be in charge for one single specific phase of debt treatment.

The purpose of this reform has been materialized due to the high level of debt generated by taxpayers, where through the Debt Consolidation Project, TAK will adopt new procedures and approaches for enhancing the debt treatment process at an early phase and for reducing the large debt stock.

The modernization of the information technology will also have a great reflection, where in the late January a contractual agreement has been concluded with the consortium, which will enable the digitalization and automation of business processes in the Tax Administration. The new information technology system will facilitate tax filing and payment and it will enable multichannel electronic communication modes.

TAK’s vision is to become a credible and respected institution as well as to be well-matched with leading tax administrations in Europe!