The Tax Administration of Kosovo, in order to properly inform the public, considers it reasonable to react to the press release dated 23.07.2020 of the Post of Kosovo. In this press release, the Post of Kosovo informs the public, through the media of the Republic of Kosovo, that the Tax Administration of Kosovo, without any warning, has blocked yesterday the bank accounts of this public enterprise.

TAK, considering that each of its actions is in accordance with the provisions of Tax Legislation, informed that in this case, same as in any other case, the Post of Kosovo, on March 10 has been warned  through an official letter about the enforced measures (blocking of bank accounts) that will be undertaken in case of non-payment of debt within 10 days. Then, after this date, since we entered the period of the COVID 19 pandemic, tax officials, as well as all other taxpayers and the PK, have allowed tolerance in the implementation of enforced measures, until the release of measures by the Government of Kosovo for the movement and development of economic activities. During this week, TAK officials, have re-notified the PK in official meetings on debt payment and on measures to be taken in case of non-payment of obligation. Therefore, as an institution, we ask the PK to be correct and transparent in what it declares about the case in question, as well as to apologize publicly for fake information provided to the media.

Also, we would like to inform you that since last year, TAK has completely reformed the mandatory collection, to which highly efficient mechanisms have now been added in the collection of tax debts. This reorganization has been done into a single centre in Prishtina, with four divisions operating withing it, and each division being responsible only for a certain stage of debt handling..

The purpose of this reform was initiated taking into account the high level of debts created by taxpayers, where through the project on Consolidation of Debt Collection, TAK will provide new procedures and approaches to improving the debt handling process at an early stage as well as to reducing the large stock of debt.

At the end of this public reaction, TAK, specifically the senior management, encourages all taxpayers in the country to respect the legal deadlines for the payment of tax debts, so as not to become the subject of measures enforced by the mandatory collection.

Njomza Alaj