The Tax Administration of Kosovo considers it necessary to clarify to the public the uncertainties created in the media and beyond regarding the issue of monitoring prices for COVID-19 testing in laboratories licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Regarding yesterday’s statements in the media on the issue of monitoring the price increase for COVID-19 testing in laboratories licensed by the Ministry of Health, the Tax Administration of Kosovo clarifies that no legal provision obliges and entitles TAK to monitor the process of sales prices adjustment.

TAK informs that the only body legaly entitled to monitor the application of monopoly prices and the implementation of fair competition in the market is the Kosovo Competition Authority.

TAK is not mandated to monitor market prices; instead, it is a body authorized by law to collect taxes as required by law from all natural and legal persons conducting economic activity in the Republic of Kosovo.

Note: During March and April of this year, or in the first period of the pandemic, at the request and written authorization of the former Minister of Finance, we monitored the artificial raising of prices for some basic products. Such monitoring was only conducted as a means of reducing the panic created at that time among the citizens, as well as to prevent misuse by a small number of individuals, against whom there were repeated allegations of artificial price raising in the first days of the pandemic.

Njomza Alaj