Published on January 4, 2017 09:13

Dear citizens,

Tax Administration of Kosovo informs citizens about the application and handover of the envelopes with enclosed fiscal receipts for Q4/2016 (for the fourth quarter of 2016).

Application for reimbursement of funds from the collection of fiscal receipts for Q4/2016 starts from 01 January 2017 to 31 January 2017.

Application is made by filling out the application for reimbursement of funds from the collection of fiscal receipts. The application must be filled out electronically through the website of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, in the link Electronic ServicesApplication for fiscal receipts.

Only after you have applied, through this application, you may physically handover the envelopes at any point of the Post of Kosovo.

Period for handover of the envelopes enclosed with fiscal receipts is from 01 January 2017 to 04 February 2017.

TAK will review all applications and will reimburse the funds, as is defined in the Administrative Instruction No. 01/2015.

Since the beginning of this campaign, the total number of reimbursed citizens so far is 847.185 Euro, whereas the reimbursed amount is 15.542.225 Euro.