PRESS RELEASE – TAK closed one Games of Chance entity

Published on January 6, 2017 15:20

Based on reporting from citizens, the Department of Games of Chance within TAK, assisted by police and Kosovo Customs Excise unit, today inspected several Games of chance entities, to confirm whether they are acting in accordance with applicable law.

This activity resulted with the closing of a Games of Chance entity in Kodra e Diellit, neighbourhood in Prishtina.

During this action are found the following violations:

– Exertion of the activity contrary to the Law No. 04/L-080, respectively Article 70 therein;

– Exertion of the activity without licence, provided in Article 25 of the Law No. 04/L-080;

Also, TAK seized 5 unlicensed and without serial number slot machines, which are considered as smuggled goods.

Against the person involved will be undertaken appropriate legal actions.

TAK Department of Games of Chance will continue with similar actions at any time, based on the authority given by the Law No.04 / L-080 on Games of Chance. Also, we appeal to the citizens to report at TAK cases that are suspected to exert games of chance activities contradictory to the law.