Workshop – Compliance risk management

Published on November 21, 2013 18:31


Tax Administration of Kosovo in cooperation with experts of the International Monetary Fund and the German company for cooperation (GIZ) from 11 to 15 November 2013, has held training for its officials with the topic of risk management.

During this training TAK officials have received the necessary preparations in addressing risk management and emerging best practices from developed countries like USA, Germany, Canada, Australia and other European countries. IMF in cooperation with the GIZ have taken care that such training is provided by the most prominent trainers in risk management with international experience in the above countries.


TAK officials have been trained in the preparation of the strategy, investigation techniques, handling complex cases, the treatment of certain industries and attachment (1)linking the activities when evasion is present.

This training will precede the drafting of a more efficient strategy from TAK risk assessment and management enabling the treatment of risks associated with certain activities, with different tax evasions, fictitious invoices, under declaration risks, continuous lending, etc., aiming at reducing the tax avoidance.

TAK officials are very satisfied with the training and have gained new insights to address these risks and also henceforth will have various tools available to retrieve information and risks treatment by enforcing best practices and taxpayers` fair treatment.

Also this activity is considered by international institutions like the IMF etc., as an achievement to TAK and Kosovo in general, since henceforth the problem of tax evasion will be handled by the group of experts.


Tax Administration of Kosovo