PRESS RELEASE – 15.8 million euros additional revenue than planned for the first four months of 2021

In addition to providing services to taxpayers, revenue collection is one of the main priorities of the Tax Administration of Kosovo. TAK, for the first four months of this year, is marking a very positive trend in revenue collection, where this collection trend has even exceeded the expectations that TAK had for the January-April 2021 period.

During this period, TAK has collected 201.3 million euros in taxes, where, compared to the same period last year, we have increased by 37.2% or 54.6 million euros more, while compared to the plan we have collected 15.8 million euros more or 8.6%.

Based on the revenue trend through the months, we expect to have the implementation of the revenue plan for the coming months as well.

TAK encourages all taxpayers to declare and pay their tax obligations, because only in this way will our country be able to face the challenges of economic development and the COVID-19 pandemic.