PRESS RELEASE – TAK confiscates about EUR 1 million worth of assets of taxpayers who have tax debts

The Tax Administration of Kosovo has taken legal action against taxpayers who have outstanding tax liabilities. Among the activities carried out was the confiscation of assets of taxpayers who did not respond to legal requests from TAK, such as issuance of reminder letters, submission of tax liens in the cadastre, real estate, blocking of bank accounts, blockages in the Treasury and Customs, placement of a pledge, request for detention of the responsible person at the border, as well as other actions which are foreseen by the Tax Legislation.

During the last week, TAK has conducted a confiscation action in cooperation with the Kosovo Police. This action was performed on four different entities which have tax liabilities over EUR 900,000 to the Tax Administration of Kosovo.

TAK will continuously take similar actions against all taxpayers who do not fulfill tax liabilities, according to the Law on Tax Administration and Procedures.

The general motto of our work is to create an environment that strongly supports the voluntary fulfillment of tax liabilities by taxpayers, therefore we encourage all taxpayers to fulfill their tax liabilities on time, so as not to become the object of mandatory collection actions.