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Press Release – TAK holds a consultative meeting with stakeholders

Acting-Director General of TAK, Mr. Nahit Sharku expressed highest consideration for the representatives of the businesses and institutions and emphasized that the cooperation of this level is very important, because through the business’s voice we have achieved to understand the taxpayers needs and requests. We will always have as a priority the taxpayers, providing services in order to facilitate them to fulfill tax liabilities, and we consider that until now we have worked with all capacities to provide completed tax infrastructure as well as other projects that have impacted a lot to increase the level of revenues in a voluntary way from the taxpayers” said the director Sharku.

Among other things he also said that the Tax Administration of Kosovo since its establishment has had a fruitful cooperation with the institutions and representatives of the businesses. As a result of this cooperation have been achieved major developments and advances in TAK. All of these developments have been possible thanks to continuous support from you, therefore we thank all of you that has contributed in our progress” said Mr. Sharku.


Meanwhile during the meeting the participants-stakeholders, has expressed their willingness for cooperation and to support all of the projects that are for the taxpayers benefit. They have also emphasized that increasing of acting capacities, increasing qualitative services for the taxpayers that TAK is doing in cooperation with other institutions are showing positive results.

During this meeting, for the participants it was presented Strategic Plan 2015–2020 and the achievements in digitalization of the tax system.

TAK also thanks all taxpayers that fulfill their tax liabilities on time and at the same time encourages all the taxpayers to declare and pay taxes that are determined by the law.