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PRESS RELEASE – TAK starts direct communication with businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic, despite health crisis has severely hit the economic sector in our country as well, where along with increased number of infected are increased the control measures by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, which undoubtedly caused great losses in the economy sector.

According to calculations from data of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, so far since 18 March there is decrease of 18% of business turnover or expressed in figures over 1 billion euros. Taking into account the constant complaints from businesses about the situation caused by pandemic, what prevents them to timely meet their tax duties, TAK director Ilir Murtezaj with his associates and with the president of Kosova Chamber of Commerce Berat Rukiqi, has started direct communication with businesses.

During today, three businesses were visited: “Prishtina Mall”, “Ciao Berto” and Lesna, where it was discussed about the problems which for months are aggravating their operation, as result of impact continuously caused by the pandemic. In this regard, director Murtezaj said that TAK will strive to provide support within legal framework, in order to overcome this economic recession and businesses return their normality, as their economic sustainability is vital for the budget of the Republic of Kosovo. He further said that, as an institution, have started this communication plan in order to create another relation with businesses, to handle problems and difficulties that they have in implementation of tax legislation, as well as to establish partnerships in combating and preventing the informal economy.

President Rukiqi, however said that we are here to offer our support but at the same time to look at possibility to facilitate, especially now that most companies are facing extremely huge crisis from the pandemic. We are working to find forms of direct financial support and it is important to implement the final phase, which has to do with direct support for companies regarding salaries.

On the other hand, the businesses visited today expressed themselves that these visits give hope that institutions feel the empathy with their aggravated economic situation, emphasizing that the greatest help that TAK may offer is regarding on what can we do to get help on cash flow, so that business be able to strengthen and to keep workers until situation returns into normality.

The plan for business visits will continue to be implemented in the coming days, according to the selections made by the Kosova Chamber of Commerce.