ATK prezanton Rregulloren e Brendshme për Parandalimin e Konfliktit të Interesit

PRESS RELEASE – TAK introduces the Internal Regulation for the Prevention of Conflict of Interest

In a joint press conference, the Director of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, Ilir Murtezaj, and the Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Shaip Havolli, introduced the TAK’s Internal Regulation for the Prevention of Conflict of Interest, which is also among the first regulations drafted by the state institutions.

“Fight against corruption cannot be carried out by a single institution, instead, this fight must be continuous within the institutions”, said during his speech the General Director of TAK, Ilir Murtezaj. He also added that this regulation aims to establish internal rules and procedures for the prevention of conflict of interest for the entire staff of the Tax Administration of Kosovo. In this Regulation, in addition to the restrictions imposed on the staff, we have defined the obligations of the leaders and of the Division of Professional Standards for the prevention, detection and addressing information on conflict of interest. The restrictions we have made for TAK staff have been imposed based on a risk assessment for the possibility of abuse of official positions, said among others Director Murtezaj.

On the other hand, the Director of ACA, Shaip Havolli, said that as an institution responsible for the assessment, prevention of conflict of interest we congratulate the TAK institution for this step, as drafting of this regulation is among the first of all institutions of the country, and at the same time as a very necessary one. Among other things, he mentioned other collaborations they have with TAK, which are very useful in combating and preventing conflict of interest.

In this conference were also mentioned some of the measures (prohibitions) imposed in this regulation, such as:

  • The sole and primary employment of the staff or tax officials shall be TAK;
  • The staff shall not have any businesses in its ownership;
  • Staff may not establish secondary employment relationship in matters that are in conflict with the mission of TAK (Accountant, financial advisor, boards of private companies, or other places in cases where he/she has performed an official duty within two years, etc.);
  • Prevention of nepotism (e.g. the leader may not have a family member as his/her subsidiary);
  • Imposition of restrictions on the contractual relationship (e.g. within two years, where the TAK official has performed an audit or has taken various decisions to a certain business company, may not buy movable and immovable property, rent, borrow, etc.);
  • For the staff are defined obligations for the declarations of good faith for the family members who have businesses and who keep accounting;
  • Obligations of staff to avoid conflict of interest themselves, declaring the situation of conflict of interest to the direct supervisor;
  • Various prohibitions for the officials (he/she shall have no right to refer any accountant to the business company, to accept gifts, etc.)
  • Transfer of businesses to another region or team if there is a relative person;
  • Organizing trainings and consultations for the staff;

It is worth mentioning that in this regulation are defined the ways of addressing and detection of conflict of interest situations. Drafting of this regulation is done in cooperation with the TAK’s trade union and under consultations with NGOs, USAID, etc.