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PRESS RELEASE – TAK marks the 22nd anniversary of its establishment

The Tax Administration of Kosovo marked the 22nd anniversary of its establishment, through a ceremony, in which were invited representatives from local and international institutions.

At the opening of this ceremony, the director of TAK Ilir Murtezaj said that in recent years, we have managed to finalize many projects, which undoubtedly make us believe that we are in the right direction by successfully fulfilling the trust that was put on us, to create a successful and prosperous tax administration, a model of a dynamic and functional administration, towards a key revenue agency, a key contributor and permanent guarantor of economic-fiscal sustainability of our state.

Furthermore, he said that we have managed to achieve the fulfilment of the annual objectives, where only during the period January-December 2021, 597.02 million euros in taxes were collected, which are record revenues knowing the challenges we have gone through with Covid- 19 virus. Compared to the same period of the previous year, we have an increase of 130 million euros or 27.8% more. Whereas, compared to the plan, we have an increase of 41.02 million euro or 7.4%. Pension contributions reached 210.7 million euros.

Therefore, as a result of professional work, with integrity and honesty, effectiveness and transparency, the Tax Administration of Kosovo for these 22 years has collected 5 billion 771.1 million euros in taxes, and 2 billion 215 million euros in pension contributions, i.e. total revenue collection of about 7 billion and 986 million euros, or close to 8 billion euros.

On the other hand, the Minister of Finance, Labour and Transfers, Hekuran Murati, said that revenues from TAK are very important, and according to him are necessary to maintain the productivity of the Kosovo economy.

He went on to say that the state is a social contract and is put together with contributions through taxes. It is unimaginable to have a state without taxes and fees. Revenue collection agencies are important to pay for and cover expenses, they are necessary to maintain the integrity of the system and the economy. It is important that they have our support. This means supporting those who need it most through the tax system. With a further advancement we will have the opportunity as a state to be able to help where it is needed most.

Undoubtedly, all the results achieved by TAK are also a great contribution from international partners, who have helped TAK in reforms and various projects. Also, the representative from the UK Embassy Simone Woodcock, said “I am very happy to be part of the assistance program that the UK is able to provide to TAK. The assistance started years ago, where with the strong support of the General Director, many projects started by TAK and supported by the British Embassy are well on their way to finalization. Therefore, I am very lucky that the embassy has chosen me to be the one to help TAK. Since then I have done my job to learn from the collaborators who are with me. I will continue to support TAK. “I believe in a strong administration because it is the backbone of the economy.”

In this ceremony, there were representatives from the business community, who said that it is up to all of us to congratulate TAK for their contribution to filling the state coffers. Congratulations to TAK on advancing the field of technology. Together to fight the informal economy and create an equal environment. I would like less punishment from inspectors and more education and care.

The Tax Administration of Kosovo thanks all taxpayers who for 22 years have contributed to the increase of the state budget, at the same time were called to continue to be part of the development of our state.

22 Vjetori ATK 22 Vjetori ATK 22 Vjetori ATK