PRESS RELEASE – Submission of envelopes with fiscal coupons

The Kosovo Tax Administration notifies all citizens who were announced winners from the withdrawal of potential winning numbers for the period Q1/2019, that even today until 16:00 will have the opportunity to submit their envelopes with fiscal coupons.

Withdrawal of potential winning numbers was broadcasted live in RTK. Three potential winning numbers have been withdrawn, as specified in Administrative Instruction 01/2017. The number of potential citizens announced winners for this period is 2,394.

Notice: For the means to be reimbursed to the bank accounts, all citizens announced winners are required to verify their bank accounts and ensure that they are functional and can be credited by TAK. Otherwise, TAK will not assume any responsibility if the bank accounts are not functional or cannot be credited due to internal banking policies.

The list of winners is available on the website:

You can verify the envelope status in the following link: