Drejtori Murtezaj ka takuar përfaqësuesit e Shoqatës se Transportit Rrugorë të Udhëtarëve!

PRESS RELEASE – Director Murtezaj met with representatives of the Road Transport Association on Road Transport of Passengers

Director of TAK Ilir Murtezaj hosted in a meeting the representatives of the Road Transport Association, with whom was discussed the process of fiscalization in this sector, as well as finding modalities in fiscalization, given the specific nature of this sector.

In addition, in this meeting was also discussed about the latest activities of TAK in this sector in terms of fiscalization and issuance of fiscal coupons. The activities in question are being undertaken in the framework of the Operational Action Plan for the period July – September 2021, which is also treating other sectors and in the coming days will inspect the sectors which during this season have multiple activities.